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Buy Precor Treadmill

When you want to get fit, doing cardiovascular exercise is key. Pumping up your heart rate and building your endurance have been connected with several health benefits. There are many Precor treadmills, both new and used, available on eBay.

buy precor treadmill

Because Precor machines are high quality and long lasting, they do cost a bit more than average. Precor ellipticals typically range from $1,600 to $7,000, treadmills go for anywhere from $1,600 to $5,000, bikes cost roughly $2,800 to $3,600 and an AMT is priced around $8,500.

Precor also garnered the highest praise by Consumer Reports for the fourth consecutive year in a row. A recent edition of the publication named the Precor 9.31 as the top-rated treadmill. This achievement is especially impressive considering 34 machines were examined in total. The treadmills were judged on their ease of use, ergonomics, construction, exercise range and safety. Precor fitness equipment is known for its premium quality, large variety of ellipticals and treadmills, and being one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Visit your nearest Push Pedal Pull to check out Precor ellipticals and treadmills today.

If you are seeking a stable, reliable and fully featured treadmill, the Precor TRM 223 is the answer. Featuring the R20 - 5" high contrast LCD console, Touch sensor and wireless heart rate monitoring, SmartRate target heart zone monitoring, 9 preset workouts add variety to your fitness routine, speed and incline controls from our commercial series and no required maintenance come standard. The 223 will help keep you moving toward your fitness goals.

The vast majority of home treadmills fold up, have a 250 pound weight limit and rock back and forth when you actually run on them. However, in contrast, this commercial grade Precor 956i Experience Series Treadmill is constructed with high quality parts and this machine can handle NFL players running on it all day. Commercial Precor treadmills retail for up to $10,000.00 brand new in the box! We eliminate the middle man tax for you! Call us now for an out the door price delivered to your home. We take great pride in earning your business and it will show when you buy your Precor Treadmill with us.

Really happy with the 956 treadmill from Precor and everyone that helped me get this dream machine into my fitness center in the middle of nowhere (Reno, NV). You guys delivered where others just gave up, I really appreciate it and so does my body!

This top of the line Precor commercial treadmill was designed with the serious athlete in mind. It features a 4.0 hp motor, 1.5-16 mph speed range, and a -3% to 15% incline/decline ramp. The Precor C966i provide running decks that are secured at the back so you get the greatest shock absorption at the front, where you need it most. Relative perceived exertion (RPE) is the difference between how hard your brain says you're working and how hard your heart actually works. If you're jogging, the perceived level of exertion drops when impact to your ankle, knee and other affected joints is reduced. Precor's patented treadmill technology absorbs the impact of each foot strike up to 38% more than other treadmills. The Precor c966i is a commercial grade treadmill that would work great in a home or gym!

My Precor treadmill needed a new belt under warranty. Every 3 months they tell me it will be 3 months longer. You cannot even buy them as they are not making the parts. The treadmill has been sitting there as a hunk of junk for over a year now and they today told me again, 3 more months. Do not buy a Precor.

This treadmill is easy to use, has many new updates with access to music and classes. The incline and speed is easy to use and I really enjoy the option to make the belt softer or harder based on preferences. Has space for water bottle and iPad which is nice.

Precor treadmills are the most solidly built treadmills that I have ever seen. They do not wobble when used. Also, programming is on bar the easiest and operating it, makes total sense. Lastly, I like doing deadmills. That's when you put the treadmill at a 10 degree incline, and then unplug it. Precor stays there, and you can then push the slide yourself by imitating running, this is a great workout, and you can use it for High intensity Interval training, HIIT.

Our clunky 20 yr. old treadmill could not be moved into our new home, gave it to our daughter and it is still working fine. Bought this well-touted model which now allegedly needs a new motherboard. The parts (which are slow to arrive) are covered but the $130 service charge for the diagnosis was not, presumably we will have to shell out another $130 when it is installed.

Some treadmills are designed for persons with small feet. The Precor easily supports large feet. Many treadmills will cause back pain if used for long periods but after 10-years of using this unit every day for 1-2 Hours I experienced no body or joint pain anywhere. This previous statement cannot be confirmed for any of the other treadmills I tried over the years, especially the units in most hotels and franchised health clubs.

It lets me exercise setting the speed that I want to go or raise the tilt of the machine so I can go as much uphill that I would like to go to maximize my workout. I had the store that I bought my treadmill set up the treadmill for me as I have great difficulty in putting things together. Once the set up was complete the technician explained all the things I would need to do to get it to work. Overall, it's good for my health. Although adding a stand so that I can read a book while I exercise would be an improvement.

I like that my Precor treadmill lifted for uphill walking. It had different inclines you could use. You could hook in head phones and just go to town. Also the graphics were very good on this machine and it spoke to you. It was all one piece and large. Was fun to use. Operating was pretty much self explanatory. The manual was very thick and I was hoping I didn't have to read the whole thing so I was glad it was so easy to operate. However, there was no putting the treadmill away. It would have been nice if it folded up for storage. I didn't have a lot of room in my house so I had to have it in my garage. Would have liked to put it in my living room and put it in my closet.

Precor has been making fitness equipment for commercial and personal use for over 30 years. Their treadmills are mainly designed for commercial use, making them a great option for owners of fitness centers and health clubs around the world.

The TRM 885 is the top-of-the- line treadmill for commercial facilities, renowned for its performance and durability. A 3 degree decline option and maximum speed of 16 mph are unique to the TRM 885. Equipped with Integrated Footplant Technology (IFT) and Ground Effects Impact Control (GFX), the TRM 885 delivers a smooth and natural feel when running or walking.

The contemporary, thoughtful design of the new Precor TRM 835 treadmill delivers exercisers unparalleled feel and quiet operation, while facility operators experience optimal performance and durability. The Active Status Light alerts facility staff at a glance, to the operating status of their treadmills. The Precor TRM 835 is one of the most used treadmill at gyms, hotels, and homes throughout the country. The TRM 835 provides stable, low impact joint and back pain free running surfaces, available because they adjust to the natural fluctuation in your stride. The new Precor TRM 835 commercial treadmill combines contemporary and thoughtful design with reliable performance and durability, to deliver an exerciser experience that feels right. These treadmills are super clean and off of 24 month leases. All units are cleaned, serviced and thoroughly put through their paces. These models retail for more than $8,000 each!

Not only do in-home treadmills save you time over going to the gym or the hassles of outdoor exercise, but they offer a challenging workout that you can tailor to your personal needs, preferences, and fitness goals. With a variety of programs and settings to choose from, you can quickly focus on your favorites or try something new each day.

At Ace Fitness Equipment, we know that every customer has unique preferences when purchasing Refurbished Precor treadmills. You may prioritize performance over appearance or have a strict budget in mind. Perhaps you want it all with equipment that looks and functions like new, but at far less cost.

The best treadmill on the market below $2,000 is the Precor 9.2s ($1,899). The reason? Like all Precor treadmills, the 9.2s uses a microprocessor that adjusts the speed of the belt upon each stride (called integrated foot-plant technology), preventing that herky-jerky sensation typical of less powerful or sophisticated machines. It features a maximum 10 percent incline and a continuous-duty 1.5-horsepower motor, as well as a cushiony deck. 041b061a72

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