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Usb Rubber Ducky For Mac UPD

In order to begin creating our own Rubber Ducky payloads, we need to have the duck encoder installed. This is a program that takes our ducky script (more on that in a minute) and converts it into a cross-platform inject.bin file that the keyboard adapter will use to deliver our keystroke payload.

Usb Rubber Ducky For Mac


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A tool called a 'rubber ducky' already does this. Whilst it technically isnt a virus or malware, it should be considered malicious & a potential entry point. At the very least you should consider it dangerous to connect an unknown USB device.

I just thought of this amazing April fools prank: I was going to make my friend think that his Mac was hacked using a rubber ducky. I realized that it'd take a long, long time to develop, so I decided to get started today. Anyway, I don't have a rubber ducky. I have a thumb drive, though, and I was wondering if I could put some sort of file in the root directory of the thumb drive that would turn it into one. Is there a way to do it so that when the computer reads the drive, it would think it's a keyboard? Or do you need a CPU in the ducky? Thanks in advance!

Auto-running applications is not supported in macOS (see stackexchange question How do I automatically run an application on USB attach or CD insert on Mac OS X?). You would need to persuade your target user to run a program/script in which case it is just a program/script and nothing like a rubber ducky.

The more traditional defense against a rubber ducky includes limiting access to powershell, the cmd prompt, and the run command as these are the most common ways a rubber ducky executes malicious code.

However, this way of treating the issue also has its pros, because since the OS then discards USB mouse/keyboard input, there is no way any rubber ducky may get around it, its 100% sure that this method will stop this specific type (rubber ducky emulating keystrokes and/or mouse interaction to run commands) of attack(you dont have to worry about some shady protective program acting quick enough) and since no extra programs are required, you dont risk to infect your OS by installing poisoned ones.

Also there are builds using an HC05 and the digispark that work with an already written app, so you have that bluetooth capability to write on the fly or use already stored scripts and upload em on demand.. -bluetooth-rubber-duck

Be sure to use duck_v2.1.hex or above. There are instructions on how to flash your ducky. At the time of writing this, I used Ducky Decoder v2.4 and duck_v2.1.hex firmware. (Special thanks to midnitesnake for patching the firmware)

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