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Very Young Little Girls30

Thanksso much for your web page! Ihave added it to my favoritesand I plan to become involved as soon as I am settled in atmy new school. Please keep intouch as I probably will havemore questions for you. Thanksagain, Kelly Thanksfor your note to FEMINIST.COM--andsorry to taking so long to respond.I hope by now, you are settledinto school. The easy answerto your question is that youare certainly on to something......companiescertainly market girl powerto girls in only the weakestand most sexualized form. Mostlythis comes because as long asyou keep girls "sexualized"it keeps them in their femininerole. And, as long as you keepthem girls (i.e. baby doll dresses,little barettes, etc...) thenyou can keep them "weak." Soyou are right that it is likelyto be connected to some anti-womanagenda. And certainly anti-anywoman in control of her ownsexuality. While, it's fineto choose these things, theproblem is when these are theonly things to choose from.In some way, this all relatesto "girlie feminism," whichis promoted through the zineBust,which believes that "girl thingsare good" and therefore we needto reclaim them and hold ontothem. However, if this is youronly choice....Anyway,the harder answer to your questionis actual sources. Last year,Ann Powers wrote an articlefor Spin Magazine on a relatedtopic. And there is more seriousgirl research done by placessuch as the National Councilfor Research on Women, which has a very comprehensive resourceon the topic of girls, and theAmericanAssociation of University Womenand the Wellesley Center forResearch on Women. I hope thathelps--and I hope you keep visitingFEMINIST.COM. Good luck. —Amy home what'snew resources askamy news activism anti-violenceevents marketplace about us e-mail us joinour mailing list

Very Young Little Girls30


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